Michael A. Stackpole

Michael A. Stackpole is the multiple New York Times bestselling author of over forty fantasy and
science fiction novels, his best-known books written in the Star Wars® universe, including I, JEDI
, and ROGUE SQUADRON, as well as the X-Wing graphic novel series. He has also written in the
Conan, Pathfinder, BattleTech, and World of Warcraft universes, among others.
Currently the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University Distinguished
Writer-in-Residence, Stackpole’s other honors include: Induction into the Academy Gaming Arts and
Design Hall of Fame, a Parsec Award for “Best Podcast Short Story,” and a Topps’s selection as
Best Star Wars® Comic Book Writer. Stackpole is the first author to sell work in Apple’s App Store,
and he’s been an advocate for authors taking advantage of the digital revolution.