Introducing the Ultimate FanXperience!

Want to take your FanXperience to a whole new level?

Beat the lines, get early access to the event, and have awesome exclusives?

Well, we have just the right ticket option for you.


Introducing our VIP Pass catered for the Ultimate FanXperience!

If you consider yourself an ultimate fan of comics and pop culture then a VIP Pass is the best way for you to experience the show. This pass maximizes your time having fun with express lines for panels, photo ops, celebrity signing booths, and panels. VIPs also get the most perks, like collectible merchandise and early entry to the Vendor Hall. Couple that with Photo Op Vouchers and exclusive merch, and you’ll see why this is the new way to experience our event. 

To start off, VIP pass holders receive an exclusive event shirt. This one-of-a-kind apparel is a limited edition for early purchasers while supplies last. Every year the design changes and will be a great addition to your collection. As a matching accessory, you will also be given a collectible VIP Badge and pin to match. 

Feel like a real VIP by having us come to you. Receive your show credentials in the mail this year instead of waiting in line. That’s right, skip the box office crowd by purchasing this pass before the shipping deadline to make this the most convenient visit to our show ever. The Shipping deadline is still TBD so stay tuned for more information.

RECOMMENDED: To get into the event, VIP pass holders will not have to wait until doors open for the general public. There is no need to worry about merchants selling out before you get a chance to browse, as VIP pass holders get early access to the vendor floor. Time of access may vary for one of the days of the show. Please check our website for more information.

Another perk is our panel lottery system. In the event of an extremely high-tier guest visiting our show, those panel seats for their appearance will be in high demand. No need to worry, VIPs get special treatment by being awarded the most chances of being selected for the best seats’ in the panel. This gives you the opportunity to not miss some of your favorite celebrity guests. Our lottery system is not done very often and is needed only on certain occasions, but when activated, our VIP pass holders will be at ease with this special perk. Keep in mind that anyone following our social media and newsletter will be the first to know about any changes. 

Zip Q is another amazing addition to our show. This gives people the ability to reserve seats for certain panels. VIP’s get unlimited reservation access while some other ticket types might only be good for one or two uses. If you’re a fan of panels and don’t want to miss out then this is perfect for you. 

Let’s chat about Photo Ops. Every year we bring out some of the most amazing celebrity guests in the world of comics and pop culture. This means that Photo Ops with these guests are always in high demand and can quickly sell out. This is why our VIP Pass holders get early access to purchase Photo Ops by 1 hour before general admission pass holders. Not only that, but VIPs also get a $30 Photo Op voucher that can be used for purchase as a special thank you from us. 

While at the event take some time to step away from the hustle and bustle of everything and enjoy your time in the VIP Lounge. This oasis away from the large crowds is an area only for VIP pass holders and its amenities differ from event to event. Make sure that you follow our social media accounts as well as our newsletter to be the first to know what we have planned for the event.

Want to make it a family event? Make sure to not leave the kids behind and purchase a VIP Jr. pass along with the adult admission. We try our best to give an amazing Xperience to all who attend but need to make sure that certain perks stay with certain ticket types. This is why it’s so important to remember that not all ticket types carry the same access as others. VIP Jr passes for kids 11 to 15 years of age are a great way to keep everyone together and be able to experience the show as a family. As a reminder, all children under 10 years of age are free to attend.

We hope that you enjoy reading about all of the new additions to our show and different options of ticketing that can now be enjoyed by our community. Further postings and newsletters will elaborate on all of this information. Make sure to follow our social media pages and sign up for the newsletter so that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing surprises we have lined up for the next event. We hope to see you soon. 

*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.