Andy Kuhn

Andy Kuhn

Andy Kuhn has been a professional cartoonist since 1990. He has worked for every major American publisher, and many of the minor ones too. His titles have included Marvel Adventures, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Marvel Team-Up, Blue Beetle, The Flash, Young Justice, and The Joker: Last Laugh.

With writer Phil Hester, he co-created the monster-adventure comic Firebreather. The critically aclaimed Image Comics series was adapted into an animated movie for Cartoon Network which debuted in November 2010. Andy and Phil are currently at work on the next Firebreather mini-series titled Firebreather: Holmgang.

Andy recently did production art on the DreamWorks Pictures remake of the eighties horror classic Fright Night. Other recent comics works by Kuhn include a Jack Sparrow story for Disney Comics, the crime drama Easy Way, Keith Giffen’s violent comics opus 10, Robert Kirkman’s high tech super-spy Brit, and the short lived series Rex Mantooth: Kung Fu Gorilla with writer Matt Fraction. He is also currently working on an animated kung fu web series called Young Ki.

His clients outside of comics have included Dreamworks, RCA, G.E., Blizzard Entertainment, Upperdeck Entertainment, and Nucity Publications.

Andy is also a regular contributor to the Comic Twart art blog.
This will be Andy Kuhn’s debut appearance at Indianapolis’, Indiana Comic Con!